Ridgid and Trend Palm Routers

Due to requests from users for ability to use small palm-type routers, Flute Master now supports the Ridgid R2401 and Trend T4. With a tool holder that is fastened to the Flute Master mast, the Ridgid 1.6 HP and Trend 1.1 HP routers are especially good. The tool holders include a micro-control for depth of cut.

These routers can be ordered for either 120v 60 cycle or 240v 50 cycle currents (Europe). Variable speed up to 30,000 rpm. Soft start. Electric cords provide flexibility for long flutes.

Here is a test spiral cut using the Ridgid with the Spiral Master:


For those who already own the Flute Master, the Ridgid and Trend tool holders can be ordered from the website shopping cart.

(remember to remove the variable depth front end of the router)