Reeded Table Leg Feet

Alan Dorsey is a member of the Big Apple Woodturners of Brooklyn, New York. He recently wrote me for help in producing a commission for feet on eight legs of furniture.

Alan wrote:
Hello! I’ve been very interested in your product and now have an upcoming project that may require it. I need to make some legs for a piece of furniture that will be reeded, and wonder if the Flute Master could do the job. Here is a photo of two legs/feet that are similar to what I have to do.

I’ve looked around but am not sure there is a proper bit that would cut the bead and yet have a sharp enough point.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I wrote back to Alan:

Did you arrive at a decision on cutting these shapes?

I think you will find a pointed round-over bit using the Flute Master will do it.

Let me know if you have any questions. - Dick

Alan: Thanks for your message, and the follow-up. Yes, I did the prototypes and then went on to make eight legs for the client. Much to my chagrin they went with the grooved version on the left in photo which was their original request. You never know with these designers! I used a 1/4" straight router bit and it was very easy and I guess the saving grace was it took a whole lot less time than the carved versions. These are 4” tall (not including tenon) and 3 1/8” diameter at widest point.

Here’s a shot of a leg when done with the point round over bit (I used Whiteside brand). Carving to get the curves was easily done with rasps and curved gouges.

Our turning club is meeting next week ( and I’ll take the Flute Master along for the Show-and-Tell. Some of the guys were aware of this job and I’m sure they’ll be curious to see how the tool worked out!