Micro Control Depth Guides

Micro-control depth guides are included with new purchases, and if you have earlier models, the new models can be ordered. The innovative enhancement provides additional depth control capabilities of 2/1000 of an inch for each click. 

  • Attaches to the tool holder.
  • Allows flutes to be cut adjacent to each other, or very close together with little uncut wood between flutes.
  • Open-ended flutes are more easily cut.
  • It is used when cutting spiral flutes and reeds.
  • Use it to control sloped depth of cut flutes.
  • Works with circular cuts with the lathe running.


When cutting very deep flutes it is helpful to make light cuts first before cutting the full depth.

Order from the Flute Master website www.flutemasters.com

When ordering, specify for Ridgid R2401, Trend T4, Foredom, Mastercarver or Wecheer drills/routers.