Fluting Segmented Pieces

John Laupp is a new user of the Flute Master and Spiral Master tools. He specializes in segmented turnings and is now using the fluting tools to enhance and add new interest to his pieces. He also does pierced fluting, which gives his work another dimension.

John writes:
I first completed the piece. Since it is a segmented piece, I build and turn the inside of the piece as I go, usually 3 layers at a time. I parted the piece once complete and remounted using my Cole jaws and then routed the spirals, sanded them and then put on the finish (spray lacquer). The piece would be too fragile to try and route the piece and then turn. Thus piece stands about 20" and is about 10" diameter at the rim. Will have another piece completed in the next few days, barring any setbacks. This one will have spiral pierced flutes. Will send along pics when complete.

John Laupp
Howell, Michigan

Look the Gallery to see some of his work.