Flag Pole Lighting Kit

As an old Navy man, I've wanted a flag pole in our front yard. Finally installed it, and found very little satisfactory lighting available. Most lights offered are LED's that are not bright enough for a 20 foot high or higher flag pole.

So we designed a great way to attach lighting any place on the flag pole, using s 1,467 Lumen spot light and photo-electric cell to turn on and off. A 2,900 lumen spot light option is available for flag poles higher than 25 feet.

The kit includes everything needed to install on 3, 4, and 5 inch diameter flag poles, and we can custom make brackets for larger ones. These are 110 volt LED spot lights.

The efficient LED lights practically end the need to replace fixtures, they save a lot of electricity, you don't have to mow around ground lights, and are inexpensive to install. If you know wiring, you can install yourself.

You can order from the Flute Master website at https://flutemaster.publishpath.com/patriot-flag-pole-light-kit?ReturnUrl=LwBzAGgAbwBwAHAAaQBuAGcALQBjAGEAcgB0AA%3d%3d

See more info at https://flutemaster.publishpath.com/flag-pole-light.