Drill Circular Holes Around End Of Turning

When regularly spaced drilled holes are needed around the the end of a turning, the Flute Master does this easily and quickly.

  1. Insert a drill bit into the driver you are using for the size holes to be drilled.
  2. Place the Flute Master on a board fastened to the lathe bed.
  3. Clamp guides on each side of the Flute Master so it can move only right to left along the direction of the lathe bed, with the drill located at the perimeter/circumference desired.
  4. Adjust the height of the Flute Master tool holder so the drill bit is the same height as the center of the drive center.
  5. Use the index of your lathe or an index wheel, and drill each hole by pushing the Flute Master into the turning, then rotate the index to the next position.

An example of this use is drilling holes for "bird cages" for tree ornaments.