Burial Urns

If you are interested in generating income from your woodturning, look at burial urns. These are not difficult to turn and can be sold for prices up to $600 and more.

One website that sells urns is http://www.memorials.com/wood-urns.php

Most woodturners can turn these as well as what is being offered on this website. 

Add flutes and reeds and spiral flutes and reeds for even more quality and appeal.

The new thread cutting tool, the Thread Champ, is an excellent way to make threaded tops. This is a new approach to mechanical thread cutting we think is superior to others on the market.

The rule of thumb for size is 1 cubic inch of volume for each pound of the weight of the individual.

There are videos on-line about how to measure the volume of an urn, and they make it difficult (and I think often inaccurate. An easy way is to fill the urn with water and measure the number of ounces it holds. Convert ounces to cubic inches to find the exact number of cubic inches. One fluid ounce equals 1.80469 cubic inches.